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2013 Annual Report

Shared Values, Shared Prosperity

Shared Values, Shared Prosperity

  1. The inextricable link between what we value and what interests we pursue, ultimately, advances a shared prosperity. MCC’s 2013 Annual Report captures how MCC leads with its values to promote interests of mutual benefit in the fight against global poverty.

  2. As Chair of MCC’s Board of Directors, Secretary John Kerry applauds MCC as a model of innovation in development that will continue to help shape global economic prosperity and opportunity for generations to come.

  3. As MCC’s CEO, Daniel Yohannes talks about MCC’s values in action. MCC holds itself and its partners to the highest standards of accountability, making a difference in the lives of the world’s poor and creating shared opportunities for economic prosperity.

  4. Under the leadership of its Board of Directors and Senior Management, MCC articulated a set of CLEAR corporate values during fiscal year 2013 and prepared to mark its 10th anniversary by engaging in a robust conversation about MCC's future.

  5. MCC's strategic investments are helping the poor break through their barriers to economic growth, raise their incomes and create the right conditions for the private sector to drive prosperity. See what this means for the world's poor.

  6. MCC is leveraging our own comparative advantages with those of others in the private sector, across the U.S. Government and throughout the donor community. Read how shared values and interests built coalitions for reform and results this past fiscal year.

  7. Advancing the fight against global poverty means thinking differently about development. What does this involve? Living our values and pursuing our interests through accountability, evidence-based decision making, transparency, and a focus on sustainability.

  8. Through our commitment to accountability, transparency and a robust system of controls, MCC received an unmodified "clean” audit opinion on its financial statements. Explore them here.