2015 Annual Report

Catalyzing Impact

Since its creation in 2004, MCC has improved lives and transformed communities in its partner countries by focusing on one mission: reducing poverty through growth. By taking a data-driven, policy reform-centered approach to foreign assistance, MCC catalyzes private investment and serves as a gateway to opportunity for people living in poverty around the world.

Message From U.S. Secretary Of State John F. Kerry

Secretary of State and Chair of MCC’s Board of Directors John Kerry points to how MCC’s targeted investments and selective standards have promoted good governance, transparency and accountability, and helped ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars have maximum impact.

Message from Dana J. Hyde

CEO Dana J. Hyde notes that MCC can scale up its impact and catalyze lasting results around the world by working with countries to improve governance and enact reforms that will create opportunities for businesses to invest.

MCC Board of Directors

Government officials work alongside private sector individuals, who are appointed to serve by the President with the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate. The private sector component is one of the most distinctive features of MCC’s Board of Directors.

Driving Progress

The backbone of MCC’s mission to reduce poverty through economic growth is the work we do together with our partner countries. MCC is changing people’s lives through our compacts and threshold programs, and motivating governments to enact policy reform.

The Power of Cooperation

MCC’s impact is made stronger when it is in coordination with other U.S. Government agencies and organizations throughout the donor community. In Fiscal Year 2015, strong partnerships were at the center of our mission to reduce poverty around the world.

Contributions to Global Development

MCC is determined to remain at the forefront of catalytic development and to help create a sustainable future by unleashing private-sector resources, bringing more voices to the table and catalyzing community-led development.