Program Grant Guidelines


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  • 1. References to “Compact” in these Grant Guidelines apply in the same manner to “Threshold Programs”.
  • 2. All references to “written” in these Grant Guidelines include electronic submissions including emails.
  • 3. See Guidance Note “Grants and Procurement Compared” for further information.
  • 4. References to Compact in this paragraph include any Compact development agreement signed between MCC and the partner government.
  • 5. See Guidance Note “Grants and Procurement Compared” for further information
  • 6. Grant Awards are approved by MCC within the context of MCC’s approval of the Selection Committee Grant Award Report and amendments thereto.
  • 7. USAID’s list of PIOs can be found here:
  • 8. This provision will need to be modified appropriately for Threshold Program Grant documents.
  • 9. For Leverage Grant Facilities, MCA Entities should refer to the Leverage Grant Operations Manual and associated solicitation, selection and award processes for additional guidance. For Program Partnerships, please refer to the MCC Partnerships Navigator.
  • 10. Fairness does not mean equal.  Fairness means treating all Proposers and Applicants the same as necessary.  For example, if the MCA Entity has funds to make three Grant Awards and one Application is very strong as submitted but two have weaknesses that need to be improved, then public interest is best served if the MCA Entity conducts Discussions with the two weaker Applicants but does not waste time in Discussions with the third one because the third is already set to receive a Grant Award. However, if Discussions with the two resulted in increasing the amount of Grant Award to those two and reducing or eliminating the third Applicant, that would be unfair and improper.
  • 11. See MCC Environmental Guidelines, August 26, 2010 as may be amended from time to time.
  • 12. Under these circumstances it is recommended that the MCA Entity include the anticipated form of Grant Agreement in the Grant notice documents.
  • 13. Detailed instructions for developing Grant Agreements are set out in the Grants Operations Manual.
  • 14. For example, this may occur when the MCA Entity finds after conducting market research that it can realize volume savings if it conducts a single procurement that would serve the needs of several Grantees.
  • 15. A Grant with Substantial MCA Involvement is not to be confused with Co-Creation.  Co-Creation occurs before the Grant Agreement is signed whereas the elements and scope of involvement in a Cooperative Agreement occur after the Grant Agreement is signed.
  • 16. Please see the Program Grants Operating Manual for further guidance on assessing Grantee procurement systems.