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Corporate Policy

Health and Safety Policy

August 30, 2012



MCC is committed to promoting the continuous improvement of health and safety (H&S) performance of MCC staff, contractors and consultants as well as the staff, consultants and contractors of MCC’s counterparts, the accountable entities known as the Millennium Challenge Accounts (MCAs). It is MCC’s policy to ensure that MCC-funded projects and activities meet or exceed all applicable in-country H&S laws and regulations; and, where such laws and regulations are insufficient or absent, to encourage and facilitate the application of responsible international practices and standards. This policy is consistent with MCC’s founding legislation that prohibits MCC from providing Compact assistance for any project that is likely to cause a significant environmental, health, or safety hazard—and the objective of this policy statement is to communicate the importance and promote adherence to high standards of H&S management and performance on MCC-funded investments.

Policy Goals

The goals of this policy are to:

  • Integrate H&S stewardship and promote high H&S standards into the development and implementation of MCC Compacts.
  • Establish an H&S program for MCC staff to empower them to assess the risk of the activities, take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of others, and to model good practice.
  • Help improve H&S performance and capacity in MCC partner countries by establishing specific standards and requirements, modeling best practice and monitoring performance.
  • Promote dialogue on H&S performance among other USG agencies, donors, and relevant stakeholders to contribute to innovation and the sharing of knowledge in this area.


This policy applies to any program, project or activity funded under an MCC Compact.


Millennium Challenge Act of 2003, as amended, (22 U.S.C. 7701, et seq.)


MCC will implement a holistic and risk-based approach involving the development of (1) H&S requirements for the MCC and MCAs (“plan”); (2) procedural guidance, tools and training to help operationalize these requirements (“do”); (3) assessments and monitoring to review progress towards goals (“check”); and (4) the implementation of corrective actions to address weaknesses and contribute to continuous improvement (“review”). Figure 1 shows MCC’s initial (and future) areas of focus (or elements) associated with and needed to implement this policy.


Figure 1: MCC’s Management Systems-Based Approach to Health and Safety and Initial Elements



  • MCC—responsible for the safety of its staff and establishing standards of H&S performance for MCC-funded Compact operations.
  • MCC Management—responsible for supporting the development and implementation of H&S elements, H&S good practice and performance.
  • MCC H&S Committee and Infrastructure and Environmental and Social Assessment Practice Groups—jointly responsible for driving H&S policy element development and implementation.
  • Each MCC employee—responsible for compliance with this policy within his or her area of responsibility.
  • MCAs—responsible for the safety of their staff, and driving H&S performance of contractors and consultants.
  • MCA Contractors and Consultants—responsible for the safety of their employees and workers on every project and job site.


This policy is effective immediately upon approval, supersedes any prior policy, guidance, and/or delegation of authority with respect to the specific subject matter hereof, and is not retroactive.

Amendments to this Policy

This policy may be modified or amended at any time in writing with the approval of MCC’s Chief Executive Officer.