MCC FOIA Log, Fiscal Year 2021

October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021

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Request # Short Description Request Type
21-1 All education, NA programs, AA programs, counseling, church, medical, and any disciplinary and monthly review reports, any reports on being on the warden form, and work ethics from MDOC as well as any programs that I was involved in or setting up for other inmates FOIA
21-2 FOIA request dated October 10, 2020 in which you requested the status of your complaint submitted to USAID/OIG/MCC regarding an alleged tender fraud, bribery and waste/abuse of MCC contract money granted to MCA-Morocco under contract DP/QCBS/MCA-M/LR- 01/Compact Project. FOIA
21-3 Uncashed/Unclaimed checks FOIA
21-4 A copy or printout of the YouTube Creator’s Page for the MCC, which shows nonpublic videos on the agency’s YouTube account. This page is available from the Agency person responsible for the Agency YouTube account. The filter setting used on the YouTube creator’s page is UNLISTED and/or PRIVATE. FOIA
21-5 Who is the special emphasis manager in charge of Black affairs and/or the person who is in charge of scheduling the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. observation, the Black History Month Celebration, and the diversity training that was suspended by executive order at the Washington D.C. Area Headquarters. FOIA
21-6 A digital/electronic copy of the transition briefing document(s) (late 2020) prepared by the Millennium Challenge Corp. for the incoming Biden Administration. FOIA
21-7 1. An excel spreadsheet detailing the space leased by the Millennium Challenge Corporation using its independent leasing authority. I would like the leases that were active from 2020-2021 FOIA
21-8 Emails received by the Acting CEO from “” from January FOIA
21-9 Inventory of all active leases completed under MCC independent leasing authority. Specific information : tenant agency, rent per square foot, annual rent, lessor name, square footage occupied, Lease commencement/expiration, and address. FOIA
21-10 Copies of reports regarding political appointees whom transferred over to non-political permanent positions within this agency since November 1, 2016. FOIA
21-11 The basis for this records request is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Management Directive (MD-715) report for Fiscal Year 2019. FOIA
21-12 Chewees Guzeh v. Gaylord National, MCCR FOIA
21-13 Contract No. 95332420F0127 FOIA
21-14 All the information related to this agreement particularly the MOU between MCC and Tunisian authorities. FOIA
21-15 I have attached a Technical Quotation Volume I and Cost Quotation Volume II for the current solicitation (95332421Q002 FOIA
21-16 MCC contract Request description1. Vendor’s final, approved offer associated with the attached contract. 2. Government’s statement of work, performance work statement, statement of objectives, and “questions and answers” associated with the attached contract. FOIA
21-17 Vendor information about GSA gender neutral bathroom FOIA
21-18 The contract with the Award ID: 95332419F0036, Gender and Social Inclusion Consultant. FOIA
21-19 All documents and communications with any person concerning any loan requested and/or issued to the Symbion Power Entities FOIA
21-20 Request employee and applicant data from the Millenium Challenge Corporation for academic research with Dr. Dan Honig, Associate Professor of Public Policy at University College London FOIA
21-21 MCC’s definition of “climate-related activities,” including restrictions and/or prohibitions, if any. List of all the $1.7 billion investments between 2015 and 2020 that the agency defines as “climate-related activities.” FOIA
21-22 Adminsitratively closed due to no certification of identity in a privacy request FOIA
21-23 A copy of the FY2022 Congressional Budget Justification for the Millennium Challenge Corporation. FOIA
21-24 Requested Statement of work associated with the attached contract concerning “Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI) – Director FOIA