Closed Compact Report: Closed Compact Report: Armenia Compact | March 2021

Coordination and Partnerships

MCC and MCA-A, the World Bank, and other donors, including the Lincy Foundation, the US Department of Agriculture, Oxfam, and USAID, coordinated investments in Armenian infrastructure development, building capacity of rural farmers and businesses, data collection for monitoring and evaluation, and strengthening the institutional framework in the agricultural sector throughout compact implementation.

In 2007, MCA-A used tertiary canal designs prepared through a World Bank tender to accelerate construction repairs to tertiary canals in four communities ahead of schedule. Also in 2007, MCC used road designs prepared with funding from the Lincy Foundation to carry out repairs on a 24.4 km section of rural road in advance of signing major works contracts for road repairs.

Following the decision to put a hold on funding for the Armenia roads project in May 2008, 150 km out of 551 km of MCC-funded road designs were shared with, tendered out, and repaired by the World Bank. The GoA also invested $16.8 million to advance the construction of roads sections that were to be funded by the compact.