Guidance: MCC Guidelines for Transparent, Reproducible, and Ethical Data and Documentation (TREDD) | March 2020

5. Data Collection and/or Extraction

5.1. Data Use, Transfer, and Sharing Agreement(s)

In the design stage, contractors should identify all required data sources for the study. As part of this process, contractors may identify existing data sources that may provide cost-effective input into the data activity. In these cases, contractors should work with MCC staff – including MCC’s legal counsel and country partners – to develop a documented Data Sharing Agreement between the contractor and the owner of the existing data source. The agreement should include documented understanding of (i) who owns the data, (ii) whether the contractor or data owner, can prepare the data for public and/or restricted access use, and (iii) whether the data can be made available through the MCC Evaluation Catalog or other mechanisms (such as the country government data platforms).

If existing data is extracted/obtained by a contractor for analysis, but an agreement with the data owner was not or cannot be put in place to facilitate future preparation and access to that data, the contractor must document this in the Transparency Statement (See Section 8.4).

5.2. Remote-sensing Imagery

During the Data Collection phase, contractors may also need to access imagery or other remote sensing data. Such data may, for example, be used to estimate outputs or outcome variables of interest such as cropped area or yields, or the extent and nature of built infrastructure. Remote-sensing imagery includes at least two types of data: satellite and drone imagery.

If contractors believe satellite imagery is required for their analysis, they are directed to Annex 4, Satellite Imagery Data Requests and Management, which details how contractors may use using existing MCC mechanisms to obtain satellite imagery. In addition to this mechanism, additional guidance on access and use of other satellite and drone imagery may become available in future versions of these guidelines.

As with other forms of data, if the satellite and/or drone imagery used in the analysis entails limited or restricted access due to privacy or ownership issues, the contractor should detail this in the Transparency Statement (See Section 8.4).