Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ): Congressional Budget Justification, FY 2023 | March 2022

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Inspector General

Office of Inspector General (in millions of $)
  FY 2021 Enacted FY 2022 Annualized Continuing Resolution FY 2023 President’s Budget
Total Appropriation/Request 912.0 912.0 930.0
 Office of Inspector General 4.5 4.5 4.5

The estimates for the funding level of the OIG in this submission are based on the level currently included in the FY 2022 President’s Budget Request and the amount authorized in the Millennium Challenge Act of 2003, as amended, for this purpose. MCC and the USAID OIG establish an interagency agreement annually in support of the OIG’s oversight of MCC’s program.