MCC investments in agriculture aim to create jobs, raise incomes and reduce poverty by financing vital infrastructure, providing technical assistance and training, increasing access to markets and credit, and strengthening modern farming capabilities.

Poverty reduction and economic growth are possible when countries invest in educating their people. MCC works with partner countries to ensure that students obtain the knowledge and skills that can help them get better jobs and improve their livelihoods.

MCC energy sector investments help create self-sustaining electricity systems for businesses and households, and attract private investment.

MCC recognizes that a healthy population—including reduced illness and increased life expectancy—is critical for achieving sustained economic growth and poverty reduction.

Land and Property Rights investments are designed to contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth by establishing secure and efficient access to land and property rights and creating more efficient land markets.

Photo of the new 93km stretch of road from Sarateni to Soroca, rehabilitated under MCC's Moldova Compact.

Safe, reliable and cost-effective roads improve access to public services like healthcare and schools, lower the time and cost of bringing goods to market, and facilitate regional and international trade – all of which help drive growth and fight poverty.

Safe and reliable water systems are a vital component in fulfilling MCC’s mission of reducing poverty through economic growth around the world.