Kyrgyz Republic Threshold Program

  • Grant Total: $15,994,000
  • Signed: March 15, 2008
  • Completed: June 30, 2010

The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Threshold Program in the Kyrgyz Republic is designed to support the government’s efforts to fight corruption and improve the rule of law through judicial, criminal justice, and law enforcement reforms. The roughly $16 million in assistance reflects the key role civil society plays in any government’s reform efforts. For this reason, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has requested assistance to create a civilian oversight board for the police and implement a broad anti-corruption public education program.

Criminal Justice Reform Project

Under the MCC program, the Government of Kyrgyzstan will seek to reduce public corruption in the criminal justice sector by strengthening the legal framework, providing training for prosecutors and judges, improving financial disclosure mechanisms, implementing an effective witness protection system and special anti-money laundering unit, and educating the public about anti-corruption measures. This component will accelerate the Kyrgyz Republic’s ambitious criminal law reforms to make the criminal justice system more transparent and to provide a greater balance of powers between prosecutors and the judiciary.

Judicial Reform Project

To increase the independence and effectiveness of—and decrease corruption in—the judicial system, MCC’s Threshold Program focuses on judicial reform. The program is designed to strengthen the rule of law and decrease corruption by improving the judicial personnel system and internal judicial management, streamlining the legal framework for handling commercial cases, and increasing public access to and management of judicial information. Critical to these efforts is improving the personnel system, the judicial selection process and disciplinary system, judicial budgeting, the enforcement of judgments, and court automation.

Law Enforcement Reform Project

To develop a more functional, effective, and trusted police force, the Threshold Program will reduce public corruption within law enforcement by improving personnel selection, management and internal investigation capacities, as well as enhancing civilian monitoring of police activities. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic see reform in this area as a high priority, and MCC funding will assist in restructuring and reforming the Ministry of Interior to develop transparent hiring and vetting procedures, create an Internal Affairs Service to investigate police misconduct, and establish a Civilian Review Board as a check on the police.