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Niger Threshold Program

The Niger Threshold Program's end date was December 31, 2015. The Threshold Program is now closed.

Niger’s threshold program was designed to assist Niger improve its performance on the policy areas measured by the following scorecard indicators:

  • Control of Corruption,
  • Land Rights,
  • Business Start-Up and
  • Girls’ Primary School Education.
The $16.9 million threshold program focused on:
  • improving the quality of and access to education for girls, and
  • improving local governance and reducing corruption through increased civil society engagement, improved business start-up procedures and tax codes, and revised trade laws.
MCC’s Board of Directors suspended the Niger threshold program, effective December 31, 2009, due to political events that were inconsistent with the criteria used to determine a country’s eligibility for MCC assistance. The program was reinstated on June 24, 2011 in recognition of the country’s return to democratic rule after free and fair elections and a constitutional referendum.

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