Paraguay Threshold Program

  • Grant Total: $34,645,092
  • Completed: August 31, 2009

Paraguay’s second, or “stage II,” Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) threshold program will build upon the substantial achievements of Paraguay’s initial threshold program by targeting improved performance on MCC’s Control of Corruption and Rule of Law indicators.

The $30.3 million program will focus on anti-corruption efforts in law enforcement, customs, and the healthcare and judicial sectors. The objective of the program is not only to reduce opportunities for corruption and increase successful prosecution of wrongdoers, but also to improve public opinion of the government’s efforts in these areas and reinforce Paraguay’s commitment to combating corruption.

Highlights of the results achieved in Paraguay’s initial MCC threshold program, aimed at reducing informality in the economic sector, impunity, and corruption, include the following:

The time to process complaints was reduced from an average of ten months to an average of less than three months.
A forensic laboratory was built to help improve the reliability and scope of information provided to prosecutors.
The number of days to start a business was reduced by half, from 74 days to 35.
The Standardized Model of Internal Control was developed and is being implemented in five major ministries to improve auditing mechanisms and management of financial information.