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How MCC Determines New Hire Salaries

Starting salaries are determined based on an assessment of the selectee’s total experience (training and education, as applicable). This includes both specialized experience (directly related to the duties of the job being filled) and relevant experience (not directly related to the duties of the position, but which prepared the candidate for success in the position). In determining a salary offer, MCC applies structured “percentage metrics” that define the amount of experience needed for pay to be set at specific rates between the minimum and maximum pay range for the pay band. The base pay ranges below reflect the full range for a selected pay band.

Information Used by MCC’s Workforce Management Team to Set Pay

The resume submitted when applying for an MCC position is reviewed by the Human Resources Management Division’s (HRMD) Workforce Management Team to identify directly relevant and specialized experience. To ensure that experience is accurately credited, it is essential that applicants submit a customized resume that includes work history and descriptions of substantive experience directly related to the duties of the targeted job. Resumes should also include start and end dates for each position (paid and unpaid), including the number of hours worked per week. Applicants should focus on the quality and content of experience included, rather than length, when developing a resume.

Pay Bands

MCC 2024 Pay Bands (as of 1/14/2024)
MCC Pay Band GS Equivalent 2024 Min. 2024 Max.
1 EX-II $221,900 $221,900
2A SES-SL $192,520 $221,200
2B SES-SL $184,740 $219,600
2C SES-SL $166,960 $218,000
2D SES-SL $165,170 $216,410
3A GS-15 $163,800 $211,240
3B GS-14 $139,260 $189,410
4A GS-13 $117,840 $160,610
4B GS-12 $99,100 $135,470
4C GS-11 $82,680 $122,450
5A GS-09 $68,340 $101,170
5B GS-07 $56,290 $81,010
ZZ GS-06 and below $34,620 $74,360