• MCC Celebrates Bold Women Driving Progress

    On International Women’s Day 2017, MCC celebrates bold women who are driving progress toward equality, stability and prosperity.

  • Water is Life

    Water is essential to life. And in Jordan, one of the driest, most water poor countries on Earth, MCC’s water and wastewater investments are expected to benefit more than 3 million people.

  • Turning the Sustainable Development Goals into Reality

    See how MCC’s work to transform lives and create opportunity for people around the world helps drive international efforts to achieve each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • MCC at the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly

    MCC and world leaders gather at the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly to keep up momentum toward meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • MCC and the White House Summit on Global Development

    Since the start of this Administration, MCC has signed grant agreements worth more than $5.3 billion, and successfully completed programs worth about $7 billion. MCC’s investments are expected to benefit about 175 million people around the world.

  • Podcasts

    Women on a Mission—a new podcast series from MCC—features conversations with women leaders in international development that highlight their extraordinary experiences, lessons learned and personal journeys. 

  • Open Data Challenge

    MCC invites domestic and international undergraduate, masters, and PhD students to help us learn more about how to maximize the data MCC collects and uses for its independent evaluations. Join the MCC’s Second Open Data Challenge and contribute your ideas now!

  • The MCC Effect

    MCC's rigorous policies and selection criteria provide incentives for countries to adopt policy reforms and strengthen institutions in order to become eligible for an MCC grant.