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Press Statement

Readout from MCC Board of Directors April 2019 Quarterly Meeting

For Immediate Release

April 26, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 26, 2019 – At its quarterly meeting on April 25, the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Board of Directors received an update on the agency’s current investment portfolio from MCC Vice President for Administration and Finance and Head of Agency Cynthia Huger. In addition, the Board learned about progress on the agency’s concurrent regional compact development and approved the proposed compact with Sri Lanka.

MCC recognizes the tragic events that took place on Easter Sunday and offers its deepest condolences to the people of Sri Lanka. The MCC Sri Lanka Compact is designed to expand economic opportunities and reduce poverty. The compact aims to promote an environment that supports equity and freedom for the Sri Lankan people as the Government of Sri Lanka maintains its commitment to democratic institutions, pursues sound economic policies, and invests in the welfare and health of its people.

Pending congressional notification, the MCC Sri Lanka Compact is expected to be signed in the near future.

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