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Press Release

Kosovo President Osmani Honors MCC’s Jonathan Saiger with Presidential Medal

For Immediate Release

February 21, 2023

MCC's Jonathan Saiger receives an award from the President of Kosovo.
WASHINGTON (Feb. 21, 2023) — The President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani awarded the Presidential Medal of Merits to the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Jonathan Saiger yesterday for his special contribution towards the economic development and promotion of democracy in Kosovo as a project lead for the MCC-Kosovo Compact from the beginning of development, and for his focus on the country ownership model of the grant's design.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be recognized at this level. I was the project lead for the energy storage project, but many great people contributed hard work and technical knowledge to the final design of the program. It is humbling because this kind of success is never an individual accomplishment” stated Saiger.

“Kosovo’s 15th anniversary of Independence was an important celebration of the many achievements of our country and people, as well as a great opportunity to recognize the contributions of many friends and allies for key milestones in our state-building journey,” said Kosovo President Osmani. “It was my pleasure to award Mr. Jonathan Saiger for his invaluable leadership and contribution in developing the MCC's Kosovo Compact, the largest investment in the energy sector in Kosovo in decades.”

“Jonathan has been dedicated to the success of the Kosovo program since day one, and he is extremely deserving of this honor,” said MCC Chief Executive Officer Alice Albright. “He and our entire team have been instrumental to our agency’s ongoing efforts to build a stronger, more diverse energy sector alongside our Kosovan partners.”

On July 27, 2022, MCC and the Government of Kosovo signed the $202 million MCC-Kosovo Compact, which includes a contribution of $34.6 million from the Government of Kosovo in the country’s power sector. The grant program seeks to reduce energy costs, facilitate renewable energy integration into the power grid, incentivize practices that promote gender equality, and establish new technical training programs to provide the skills required by energy sector employers. This includes investments in 350 megawatt-hours of energy storage systems to help cover unexpected outages during peak demand, as well as provide energy arbitrage and other reserve services.

The MCC-Kosovo Compact will build on the success of the $49 million Kosovo Threshold Program, which laid the groundwork for large-scale clean energy solutions while providing more opportunities for women in the energy sector.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is an independent U.S. government agency working to reduce global poverty through economic growth. Created in 2004, MCC provides time-limited grants and assistance to countries that meet rigorous standards for good governance, fighting corruption and respecting democratic rights.