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Kosovo Compact

Kosovo is a young, vibrant democracy in the Balkan Peninsula of Southeastern Europe with visible commitments to democratic values and institutions and investing in its citizens.

Kosovo was selected to develop a $202 million compact program in December 2018 while the country continued to implement an ongoing threshold program. The $49 million Threshold Program, which closed in September 2022, focused on enabling a reliable energy landscape, supporting transparent and accountable governance, and encouraging women’s entry in the energy sector. In line with Kosovo’s current focus of transitioning towards an energy future that is more sustainable, inclusive, reliable, and affordable, the Kosovo Compact focuses on addressing Kosovo’s unreliable supply of electricity, a binding economic constraint for the country, through three projects.


Financials as of July 21, 2022

Program Budget


  • Signed:
    July 15, 2022
  • Entry Into Force:
    April 30, 2024

Program Projects

  • $2,000,000
    Project Total Amount

The American Catalyst Facility for Development Project aims to promote additional private-sector investments in Kosovo’s energy sector in collaboration with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) by complementing MCC’s funding and leveraging private sector participation to scale a successful energy storage public entity launch and catalyzing complementary renewable energy investments that bolster renewable energy generation capacity.

  • $147,695,906
    Project Total Amount

The Energy Storage Project aims to support Kosovo’s energy security and transition to a cleaner energy future. The project includes supporting battery storage systems that will enable Kosovo’s transmission system and market operator to cost-effectively smooth out imbalances in the electricity grid, supporting either a public energy storage entity or an entity created through a public-private partnership to deploy additional energy storage, and strengthening the regulatory environment of energy storage systems, renewable energy projects, and climate change management in a more sustainable and gender inclusive way.

  • $16,000,000
    Project Total Amount

The Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration Project aims to increase female representation in the energy sector by promoting gender equitable practices within companies, supporting networking, mentoring, and training opportunities for women, strengthening educational pathways, and providing technical assistance and small grants to energy and adjacent sector employers. The project also includes development of new technical training programs to provide the skills demanded by employers in the energy sector and required to meet the needs of Kosovo’s energy transition.

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