Press Release

MCC Releases Fiscal Year 2014 Country Scorecards

For Immediate Release

November 6, 2013

Washington, D.C.—The Millennium Challenge Corporation today released its fiscal year 2014 scorecards, which use independent, third-party data to measure countries’ policy performance. The scorecards reflect countries’ scores on the 20 indicators MCC uses to assess eligibility for its assistance programs, and MCC’s Board of Directors relies heavily on the scorecards when selecting countries as eligible to develop compact and Threshold Programs with MCC.

The scorecards can be viewed at The scorecards present independent, third-party policy indicators that fall under three major categories: ruling justly, economic freedom and investing in people. By using third-party data, MCC is able to provide an objective comparison of how low income and lower middle income countries have performed over the past year.

The scorecards provide a valuable platform for countries to assess areas where they can improve their policy performance to support eligibility for MCC funding and, more importantly, to improve governance in ways that facilitate economic growth.

As part of the agency’s ongoing commitment to transparency, MCC is making data for the FY 2014 selection process available in machine-readable formats at It will become available in the following days. There were no changes to MCC’s selection methodology in fiscal year 2014 from fiscal year 2013.

MCC’s country selection process begins each year by identifying candidate countries and publishing the annual Selection Criteria and Methodology Report. The scorecards are then publicly issued for all low income and lower middle income countries. MCC’s Board of Directors uses the scorecards to inform its decisions about which countries become and remain eligible to develop compacts and Threshold Programs, along with MCC’s ability to impact growth and poverty reduction and the availability of funding to MCC.

The Board of Directors is expected to meet in December 2013 to consider selection of countries for compact and Threshold Program eligibility. An agenda will be made public on the MCC website prior to the meeting, and a public town hall meeting will be held shortly after the meeting. To find out more about MCC’s selection process, visit the website at