Kosovo Compact Signing Ceremony

On July 27, 2022, MCC and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo celebrated the signing of the $202 million Kosovo Compact that focuses on building modern, clean energy solutions.

Frequent disruptions require Kosovo to rely on costly emergency imports and highly polluting sources such as coal-fired plants to meet its electricity needs. The Kosovo Compact, which includes an additional $34 million contribution from the Government of Kosovo, aims to reduce energy costs, increase energy sector employment opportunities for women, and promote private sector investments for a cleaner energy future.

This marks the second partnership between MCC and the Government of Kosovo, building on the initial $49 million Kosovo Threshold Program that targeted energy policy and institutional reforms to lay the groundwork for large-scale energy infrastructure construction, and pathways to employment for youth and women in the energy sector.

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    The Kosovo Compact aims to accelerate the country's transition towards an energy future that is more sustainable, inclusive, reliable, and affordable by targeting Kosovo's unreliable supply of electricity.