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Congressional Budget Justification, FY 2021

  1. MCC’s FY 2021 budget request will support compact programs in development as well as new threshold programs.

  2. Fully funding the FY 2021 request will help support MCC’s first regional integration compacts with Benin and Niger, as well as Malawi’s second compact. The request also outlines continued compact development.

  3. Threshold Programs are designed to challenge countries to implement key policy and institutional reforms. For FY 2021, MCC plans to continue development of threshold programs in Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Solomon Islands.

  4. Pre-compact planning, oversight, and post-compact evaluation is critical for successful investments and ensuring that MCC, partner countries, and the development community can take advantage of the learning opportunities inherent in MCC programs.

  5. The administrative expenses budget supports MCC in carrying out the mission, including overseeing roughly $7 billion in MCC’s program portfolio. This includes expenses such as Human Capital, Overseas Operations, Information Technology, and Rent.

  6. The USAID Office of Inspector General conducts and manages financial and performance audits and reviews for MCC.

  7. There are no proposed legislative changes in FY 2021.

  8. MCC’s evidence-based approach to selecting partners and evaluating results, as well as the current portfolio listing, closed compacts results and modifications, sector results, beneficiary estimates and corporate goals are listed here.