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  • Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ):  Congressional Budget Justification, FY 2021
  • February 2020

Proposed Legislative Changes

The proposed text of the MCC appropriations provision for FY 2021 is as follows:

For necessary expenses to carry out the provisions of the Millennium Challenge Act of 2003 (22 U.S.C. 7701 et seq.) (MCA), [$800,000,000] to remain available until expended: Provided, That of the funds appropriated under this heading, up to [$112,000,000] may be available for administrative expenses of the Millennium Challenge Corporation: Provided further, That section 605(e) of the MCA shall apply to funds appropriated under this heading: Provided further, That funds appropriated under this heading may be made available for a Millennium Challenge Compact entered into pursuant to section 609 of the MCA only if such Compact obligates, or contains a commitment to obligate subject to the availability of funds and the mutual agreement of the parties to the Compact to proceed, the entire amount of the United States Government funding anticipated for the duration of the Compact: Provided further, That of the funds appropriated under this heading, not to exceed $100,000 may be available for representation and entertainment expenses, of which not to exceed $5,000 may be available for entertainment expenses.