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April 2018

Closed Compact Report

Closed Compact Report: El Salvador Compact

  • Signed: November 29, 2006
  • Entry into Force: September 20, 2007
  • Compact End Date: September 20, 2012

Closed Compact Reports are published for compacts completed before November 2017. The reports capture core information such as the country context, descriptions of compact investments and results, and information on important partnerships, policy reforms and lessons learned

  1. In November 2006, MCC and El Salvador signed a $460 million compact focusing on investments in clean water, electricity, sanitation, teacher training and student scholarships.

  2. The El Salvador Compact focused on the country’s Northern Zone, a region that includes half of its poorest municipalities and has substantial unrealized potential for sustainable development.

  3. The Connectivity Project sought to physically link El Salvador’s Northern Zone with the rest of the country, enabling new economic opportunities for rural households, lower transportation costs, and decreased travel times to markets.

  4. The Human Development Project increased physical and social infrastructure in the Northern Zone through investments in education and vital community infrastructure.

  5. The Productive Development Project sought to help Northern Zone residents by providing technical assistance, training and financial support to alleviate constraints to high-quality production, increased productivity and access to investment capital.

  6. Learn how MCC and El Salvador agreed to adjust compact targets due to changes in estimated costs and project progress.

  7. Discover MCC’s efforts to coordinate resources and expertise with other donors and international institutions as part of the El Salvador Compact.

  8. Read the conditions that El Salvador needed to meet under the terms of the compact prior to disbursing project funds.

  9. Understand what MCC learned from the El Salvador Compact and how those lessons are applied to our programs today.