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September 2018

Closed Compact Report

Closed Compact Report: Jordan Compact

  • Signed: October 25, 2010
  • Entry into Force: December 13, 2011
  • Compact End Date: December 13, 2016

Closed Compact Reports are published for compacts completed before November 2017. The reports capture core information such as the country context, descriptions of compact investments and results, and information on important partnerships, policy reforms and lessons learned

  1. In October 2010, MCC and Jordan signed a $275 million compact focused on transforming the nation’s water infrastructure, creating new opportunities for growth and stability in one of the most water poor countries in the world.

  2. Jordan is a highly urbanized, resource poor country of over nine million people with limited access to surface water or naturally recharged aquifers.

  3. The As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project was designed to increase the capacity to treat wastewater, increase the volume of treated for non-domestic use and protect existing agriculture from pollution of untreated wastewater.

  4. The Wastewater Network Reinforcement Expansion Project was designed to improve the efficiency of network water delivery and the condition of home water systems and decrease household water costs.

  5. The Water Network Restructuring and Rehabilitation Project was designed to increase access to the wastewater network, increase the volume of wastewater collected and reduce the incidents of sewage overflow.

  6. Learn how MCC and Jordan agreed to adjust compact projects due to changes in estimated costs and project progress.

  7. Discover MCC’s efforts to coordinate resources and expertise with other donors and international institutions as part of the Jordan Compact.

  8. Read the conditions that Jordan needed to meet under the terms of the compact prior to disbursing project funds.

  9. Understand what MCC learned from the Jordan Compact and how those lessons are applied to our programs today.