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May 2017

Closed Compact Report

Closed Compact Report: Moldova Compact

  • Signed: January 22, 2010
  • Entry into Force: September 1, 2010
  • Compact End Date: September 1, 2015

Closed Compact Reports are published for compacts completed before November 2017. The reports capture core information such as the country context, descriptions of compact investments and results, and information on important partnerships, policy reforms and lessons learned

  1. In 2010, MCC partnered with Moldova to implement a five-year, $259 million compact that invested in agriculture and road infrastructure.

  2. MCC and Moldova determined that deteriorated roads and reliable access to water were constraints to growth. Removing these barriers would benefit an estimated 414,000 people.

  3. The Road Rehabilitation Project (RRP) aimed to reduce the cost of transport, goods and services.

  4. The Transition to High Value Agriculture (THVA) Project aimed to catalyze investments in high-value agriculture products, moving away from low-value grains.

  5. Prompted by several developments in the compact, MCC approved a reallocation from the Road Rehabilitation Project to a sub-activity under the Transition to High Value Agriculture Project.

  6. The compact was situated in a crowded field of donor assistance in Moldova so MCC had ample opportunities to work with other development partners.

  7. Several conditions precedent to compact funding were identified with the Road Rehabilitation and Transition to High Value Agriculture Projects.

  8. The Moldova Compact investments in agriculture and road infrastructure yielded critical learning for these sectors.