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March 2015

Closed Compact Report

Closed Compact Report: Mozambique Compact

  • Signed: July 13, 2007
  • Entry into Force: September 22, 2008
  • Compact End Date: September 22, 2013

Closed Compact Reports are published for compacts completed before November 2017. The reports capture core information such as the country context, descriptions of compact investments and results, and information on important partnerships, policy reforms and lessons learned

  1. In 2008, MCC partnered with Mozambique to implement a five-year, $506.9 million compact designed to increase the country’s economic growth by investing water and sanitation, roads, land tenure, and agriculture.

  2. The compact focused on Mozambique’s northern provinces, home to half the country’s population but where the economy has seen slow growth in comparison to the southern provinces.

  3. The Farmer Income Support Project aimed to eliminate biological and technical barriers hindering economic growth among farms and targeted enterprises, while supporting diversification into other cash crops.

  4. The Land Tenure Services Project aimed to address the issue of land insecurity and access, by improving policies and regulations and by helping specific beneficiaries better understand how to register their land rights.

  5. The Roads Project aimed to improve access to markets, resources and services by increasing public transportation access.

  6. The Water Supply and Sanitation Project aimed to improve access to safe, reliable water supplies and sanitation services.

  7. Learn how MCC and the Government of Mozambique mutually agreed-upon adjustments to compact targets.

  8. Learn about MCC’s efforts to leverage resources and expertise from donors and international institutions as part of the Mozambique Compact.

  9. Read the agreed upon conditions that needed to be met under the compact prior to disbursing project funds.