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  • Closed Compact Report:  Closed Compact Report: Morocco Compact
  • October 2015

Coordination and Partnerships

MCC is committed to working with its partner countries, other donors and international institutions to leverage resources and expertise in reducing global poverty and creating opportunities for long-term growth.

During compact implementation, the Government of Morocco contributed more than $34 million of its own funding to ensure the success of the Fruit Tree Productivity Project, including funding for the planting of an additional 19,322 hectares of olive orchards. As of December 2014, 9,466 hectares of this area had been turned over to beneficiaries.

The Government of Morocco also committed to finishing infrastructure in the Fez Medina, a contribution valued at approximately $20 million, after the close of the compact. After the close of the compact, Morocco also provided $7.9 million for improved landing sites and port facilities, $4.5 million for wholesale fish market construction and $10.4 million for project management in the Small-Scale Fisheries Project to supplement the compact investments.

Finally, as a complement to the Financial Services Project, the World Bank is executing a $4.9 million grant that will strengthen the institutional and regulatory microfinance framework, strengthen product innovation and funding sources for microfinance and integrate microfinance into the national financial inclusion strategy. This project is expected to run through January 2018.