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Cabo Verde Compact II

The Cabo Verde Compact II's end date was November 30, 2017. The compact is now closed.

  • MCC’s investments in Cabo Verde are strengthening property rights and increasing access to clean water and sanitation, helping to drive growth, fight poverty and advance prosperity in Cabo Verde.

  • Read MCC’s Star Report: Cabo Verde II Compact for a comprehensive look at MCC’s $66.2 million investment in land rights, water, and sanitation from 2012-17. This compact combined infrastructure improvements with policy reforms to benefit over 600,000 people.

MCC and the Government of Cabo Verde signed a five-year compact in 2012 to reduce poverty through economic growth by reforming two sectors identified as constraints to economic growth: the water and sanitation sector and the land management sector.

Each compact project is an important component of the government’s economic transformation agenda, focused on shifting from foreign aid and remittances to private sector investment and improved domestic resource management. This compact builds off the success of Cabo Verde’s first MCC compact, completed in October 2010, and upholds high standards for accountability, transparency and achieving results.

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