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Guatemala Threshold Program

The Guatemala Threshold Program's end date was October 31, 2021. The Threshold Program is now closed.

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    Investing in Guatemala's Future

    MCC partnered with the Government of Guatemala to improve the quality of secondary education to create opportunities for Guatemalan youth while increasing tax revenues through a $28 million threshold program.

MCC partnered with the Government of Guatemala to improve governance and create opportunity for Guatemalan youth. The $28 million threshold program worked to enhance the quality of secondary education to prepare Guatemalans for the job market, reduce opportunities for corruption in customs and tax administration, and attract private investment to support infrastructure development.

While Guatemala has experienced moderate economic growth since the end of a decades-long civil conflict in 1996, high population growth and high levels of economic inequality have led to more than half of the country’s population living below the poverty line. With its focus on economic growth and ability to incentivize countries to make tough reforms, MCC has played a critical role in advancing U.S. interests in Central America and addressing underlying issues that are driving migration and security.

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