Sri Lanka Compact

The Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation has approved a five-year, $480 million Compact with the Government of Sri Lanka aimed at reducing poverty through economic growth. The Compact seeks to assist the Sri Lankan Government in addressing two of the country’s binding constraints to economic growth: (1) inadequate transport logistics infrastructure and planning; and (2) lack of access to land for agriculture, the services sector, and industrial investors.

The compact will be composed of two projects: a Transport Project and a Land Project. The Transport Project aims to increase the relative efficiency and capacity of the road network and bus system in the Colombo Metropolitan Region and to reduce the cost of transporting passengers and goods between the central region of the country and ports and markets in the rest of the country. The goal of the Land Project is to expand and improve existing Government of Sri Lanka initiatives to increase the availability of spatial data and land rights information. This project will help the Government identify under-utilized state land that can be put to more productive use and maximize rents from lands that the government leases. It would also increase tenure security and tradability of land for smallholders, women, and firms by digitizing deeds records so that they are less vulnerable to damage, theft, and loss.

Milestones in Compact Development

Milestones in Compact Development
Milestone Date Description
Board Approval April 25, 2019

MCC Board approves five-year Sri Lanka Compact.

CN on Intent to Negotiate August 13, 2018

MCC has delivered to the U.S. Congress a congressional notification (CN) of its intent to negotiate a Millennium Challenge Compact with the Government of Sri Lanka.

Eligibility Notification December 19, 2017

MCC Board reselects Sri Lanka to continue developing a compact.

Constraints Analysis September 20, 2017

The Government of Sri Lanka has completed a study to identify the most binding constraints that prevent private-sector led growth in Sri Lanka.

Eligibility Notification December 13, 2016

MCC Board of Directors selected Sri Lanka as eligible to develop a compact.

As of January 2, 2020