MCC Advisory Council

logo: MCC Advisory Council

The Millennium Challenge Corporation believes that the key to unleashing growth in its partner countries is through active engagement and collaboration with the private sector.

MCC’s Advisory Council was created to provide a platform for systematic engagement with the private sector. The Council’s industry expertise, insights and technical recommendations help to inform our work and deepen public and private sector partnerships for greater leverage and impact in reducing global poverty.

The Role of the MCC Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is an interdisciplinary group of advisors that provides MCC with a vehicle for receiving external feedback from the private sector. Members offer insight on innovations in infrastructure, technology and sustainability; perceived risks and opportunities in MCC partner countries; and new financing mechanisms for developing country contexts – all of which help MCC remain at the cutting edge of international development.

The Advisory Council discusses operational-level work in MCC’s country portfolio, including but not limited to:

  • Cutting edge technologies related to financing and information and communications technology (ICT) employed in emerging markets;
  • On-going strategic partnerships that may impact MCC’s work or improve compact results;
  • Best practices and lessons learned in the sectors in which MCC works; and,
  • Cross-cutting issues in the international development space


The Advisory Council includes a diverse group of up to 25 individuals from the private sector with technical expertise in areas such as infrastructure, information and communications technology, manufacturing, finance, and sustainable development, particularly in the countries where MCC operates.


The Council holds meetings twice a year. In line with MCC’s core principle of transparency, and according to the guidelines set out by the Federal Advisory Committee Act, all meetings are open to the public, and meeting minutes will be posted at the bottom of this page. In advance of each meeting, a notice of meeting will be posted to the Federal Register and linked at the bottom of this page.