Digital Strategy

MCC is at the forefront of transparency in delivering aid. Its leadership in transparency is evident through efforts to support the President’s Open Government and Open Data initiatives. Visitors to this website can access spreadsheets showing economic rates of return calculations, performance indicator tracking tables and impact evaluation summaries for MCC-funded projects. MCC also posts copies of its signed compacts, quarterly status reports on worldwide programs, information on program-related procurement opportunities, and copies of reports and notices provided to Congress.

Enhancing Our Transparency

MCC is currently evaluating ways to further improve its transparency, including the usability of the information it makes available to the public. MCC was the first government agency outside the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development to make data available through the Foreign Assistance Dashboard.

Open Government and Open Data

Visit our Open Government page to find the most current Open Government Plan.

Supporting the ‘Building a 21st Century Digital Government’ presidential directive, MCC releases a wide range of open data in both machine readable and human readable formats in accordance with the Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information executive order and OMB Memo M13-13, Open Data Policy – Managing Information as an Asset.

Public Release of Information

Consistent with current U.S. Government policy, MCC decisions on public release of information are based upon a presumption of disclosure. If information does not meet with any of the exceptions laid out in FOIA or in OMB 12-01, Creation of the Council on Financial Assistance Reform, MCC’s default position is to disclose the information.

Currently, MCC’s decisions are guided by:

  • MCC’s Open Government Plan. The Plan outlines information the agency makes publically available and describes priorities for new initiatives planned to further improve access to MCC’s information. The current plan covered 2012–2014. A new plan will be released in June 2014.
  • Policy on Access to Materials. While currently in draft form and subject to implementation testing and revision before its final release, this policy describes the exceptions to the presumption of disclosure and clarifies the level of clearance required for release of different types of documents. Currently in draft form, this policy will help MCC staff determine whether a document should be released publicly while maintaining the highest standards of information protection that may be sensitive for national security, personal privacy or other reasons as laid out in FOIA and OMB 12-01. The policy will be approved this fiscal year.
  • Disclosure Review Board. MCC’s independent evaluations are conducted to document the outputs, outcomes and impacts of our investments. These investments often involve large-scale, survey data collection efforts. MCC believes this data constitutes a global public good and aims to release it to the public while maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards. MCC has formed a Disclosure Review Board to ensure each survey data meets sufficient anonymization procedures before it is cleared for public release.