The authorizing legislation of MCC requires that MCC publish both in the Federal Register and on our website a number of reports.

  • Guide to the Program Surveys

    MCC implementation staff is surveyed on a number of topics in preparation for the annual decision to select country partners. The following report is intended to provide a sense of the topics and questions addressed through this process.

  • Guide to Supplemental Information, FY23

    The following guide illustrates the types of supplemental information taken into consideration by MCC and its Board when selecting countries for threshold programs, initial compacts, or subsequent compacts.

  • Modernizing the Small-scale Fisheries Value Chain in Morocco

    Fishing boats on the shore in Morocco

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of a project from MCC’s Morocco Compact that aimed to improve the quality of the catch, maintain the value chain, increase access to local and export markets, and assure the sustainable use of fish resources.

  • Niger Regional 609(g) Tranche II Congressional Notification

  • Benin Regional 609(g) Tranche II Congressional Notification

  • Economic Advisory Council November 2022 Meeting Minutes

    This page contains the official minutes from the November 2022 meeting of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Economic Advisory Council.

  • Business Forecast, Fiscal Year (FY) 2023

    This business forecast is for informational and marketing purposes only and does not constitute a specific offer or commitment by MCC to fund in whole or in part any agency requirements referenced within.

  • Annual Management Report, Fiscal Year 2022

    The Annual Management Report for FY 2022 provides the results that enable the President, Congress, and the American people to assess MCC’s performance for the reporting period from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022.

  • Burkina Faso Post-Termination Congressional Notification

  • Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

    This policy is intended to give security researchers clear guidelines for conducting vulnerability discovery activities and to convey our preferences in how to submit discovered vulnerabilities to us.

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