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Branding & Marking


MCC uses its logo as part of its efforts to raise awareness about the global fight against poverty and about U.S. Government efforts to provide sustainable, long-term solutions for the world’s poor.

MCA Branding Guidelines

MCA Entities—the organizations established to execute the programs outlined in a Millennium Challenge Compact—are required to create a graphic logo, develop a visual brand, mark all compact projects, mark public communications and public documents, and appropriately recognize and identify when to use MCC’s corporate logo in a variety of places.

MCC Branding Guidelines

MCC remains committed to building and maintaining a very strong visual brand and, in doing so, requires that any item distributed to the public be appropriately branded according to the guidelines outlined in MCC’s Standards for Corporate Marking.


MCC-branded merchandise, like promotional items, logo apparel, etc. are available at the MCC Branded Merchandise Store

DigitizedLogos, Inc.
Manager/operator of the MCC Branded Merchandise e-store.

For specialized or bulk orders contact:
Yazdani “Dani” Syed, President, Digitized Logos, Inc. or 301-963-3553.