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The purpose of MCC’s declassification program is to:

  • Review all historically valuable classified information, including foreign government information;
  • Assess what needs to remain classified and what can be released to the public while protecting diplomatic relations between the United States and a foreign government; and
  • Provide public access to information about MCC’s programs and declassified material and a mechanism for input on what types of information should be prioritized for declassification as allowed.
Under the provisions of Executive Order 13526, as amended, an individual may request a mandatory declassification review (MDR) of specific classified material that he/she is able to identify so that the agency may retrieve it with reasonable effort. Any individual may request a review of classified information and material in MCC’s possession for declassification if:
  • The request describes the documents or material containing the information with enough detail for MCC to locate it with a reasonable amount of effort;
  • The information requested is not the subject of pending litigation; and
  • The information requested has not been reviewed for declassification in the previous two years.
How to make MDR requests:
  • Requests must be in writing and be submitted by fax, courier service, postal mail, or email.
MDR requests should be addressed using the following information:
Millennium Challenge Corporation Attn: Chief FOIA Officer 1099 14th St., NW, Suite 700 Washington D.C. 20005-3550
Please send all email correspondence to Please write “Mandatory Declassification Review" on the envelope or in the subject line of your online request.

In your request, specify that your request is a Declassification Review pursuant to Executive Order 13526, and not a request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act or Privacy Act.

Identify the document or information to be reviewed with as much specificity as possible.