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Digital Strategy

MCC is at the forefront of using digital technologies to deliver information that is secure, user-friendly, innovative and effective at helping the agency reduce poverty through economic growth. The agency's digital strategy has three main objectives:

  • Enable the public and government workforce to access high-quality government information and services anywhere at any time on any device;
  • Ensure that MCC seizes the opportunity to procure and manage technology and data in smart, secure and affordable ways as it adjusts to this new digital world; and,
  • Unlock the power of government data to spur innovation across the country and improve the quality of service for the American people.

Enhancing High-Quality Information Access at MCC

MCC is continuously searching for ways to improve the usability of its public information. The agency has developed a “digital first” strategy that prioritizes user-friendly, secure information across its platforms. Visitors to this website can access spreadsheets with economic rates of return calculations, performance indicator tracking tables and independent evaluation summaries for MCC-funded projects. MCC also posts copies of its signed compacts, information on program-related procurement opportunities, and copies of reports and notices provided to Congress.

Open Government and Open Data

Visit our Open Government page to find the most current Open Government Plan. MCC makes a wide range of open data available on its website in a variety of data formats.