Open Government

MCC has been at the forefront of transparency in delivering aid. Visitors to MCC’s public website,, can access spreadsheets that show economic rates of return calculations, performance indicator tracking tables, and impact evaluation summaries for MCC-funded projects. Data on beneficiary analyses are also available. MCC posts to its public website copies of all signed compacts, quarterly status reports on worldwide programs, information on program-related procurement opportunities, and copies of reports and notices provided to Congress.

Open Government Partnership

In September 2010, the U.S. and seven other national governments launched the Open Government Partnership in an effort to make all government more transparent, effective and accountable. MCC applauds the countries with which it partners that are participating in this effort:

More Transparency

MCC is currently evaluating ways to further improve the usability of the information it makes available to the public. Also, MCC will be one of the first government agencies outside the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development to make its data available on the Foreign Assistance Dashboard,

Open Government Plan

In accordance with the Open Government Directive, MCC is proud to make its Open Government Plan available to the general public.

Finding Results

Monitoring and Evaluation

Understand how MCC tracks performance on processes, outputs, and outcomes throughout the life of a compact.

Impact Evaluations

Impact evaluations measure the changes in individual, household or community income and well-being that result from a project.

Economic Rates of Return

MCC is making available its Economic Rate of Return (ERR) data via interactive, downloadable spreadsheets.

Quarterly Status Reports

MCC produces quarterly reports on its compacts in development, compacts in implementation and its threshold programs.