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2014 Annual Report

A Decade of Progress

A Decade of Progress

In 2014, the Millennium Challenge Corporation marked 10 years of delivering U.S. development assistance to reduce poverty through economic growth in the best governed poor countries around the world. MCC’s results, partnerships and contributions to the practice of sustainable development have made it an effective and emulated leader. This Annual Report explores how MCC’s work in 2014 added to our decade of progress.

  1. Secretary of State and Chair of MCC’s Board of Directors John Kerry reflects on MCC’s first decade of promoting good governance, while building the right conditions for greater private investment, social development and economic growth.

  2. CEO Dana J. Hyde marks MCC’s 10th anniversary as a time to reaffirm the agency’s effectiveness as a powerful tool for incentivizing good governance and economic growth, converting today’s aid recipients into tomorrow’s investment partners.

  3. Leadership from MCC’s board, which is composed of government officials working alongside four individuals from the private sector, has been a defining feature of MCC’s first decade.

  4. Dive into MCC’s results portfolio. From compacts to thresholds—from roads to energy—see how MCC’s first 10 years of investments are delivering concrete returns and motivating incredible reforms that are making and sustaining a difference for the world’s poor.

  5. See how MCC harnessed the power of partnerships and worked with other U.S. Government agencies, donors and the private sector to maximize impact, greater trade competiveness and growth opportunities for the world’s poor.

  6. MCC’s 10th anniversary coincided with progress in areas of importance to U.S. global development priorities, including deepening ties with Africa, engaging the private sector as a partner in development and pushing the envelope on evidence and transparency.