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  • Annual Report:  2014 Annual Report
  • March 2015

Message from U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry

Chair of MCC’s Board of Directors

There is no more central challenge today than encouraging sustainable growth and shared prosperity, so people across the world, particularly young people, can build a better life, have confidence in their societies and find meaningful alternatives to the dead-end life of disorder, extremism and chaos. Economic growth and good governance are inextricably linked: strong, secure and stable nations exist where prosperity is shared among a strong middle class, where human rights have a solid foundation and where people are free to express ideas openly. In these environments, entrepreneurship and innovation are capable of transforming societies for the long term.

American leadership and assistance can play a powerful, catalytic role by promoting transparent and accountable institutions, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation and building vital economic infrastructure. The Millennium Challenge Corporation plays a unique role through its partnerships with countries that are committed to identifying and addressing their barriers to economic growth and poverty reduction, leveraging MCC’s evidence-based approach.

For more than a decade, MCC has delivered invaluable results in promoting good governance and creating jobs, in addition to improving health, sanitation and education standards, and building and leveraging the right conditions for greater private investment, social development and economic growth, turning the promise of prosperity into reality.