The authorizing legislation of MCC requires that MCC publish both in the Federal Register and on our website a number of reports.

  • Instructions sur la clôture du programme

  • Power Sector Cost-Benefit Analysis Design Principles

    This document establishes guidance on the principles to be used for MCC’s economic analysis of public investments and interventions in the power sector.

  • Program Closure Guidelines

    These guidelines were created to assist governments and accountable entities with the closure of programs funded under a Millennium Challenge Compact.

  • Grant Accrual Estimation Guidance

    This guidance outlines the requirements for Accountable Entities in providing an estimate of accrued expenses, or payments owed for goods, services, or work provided during the quarter, on a quarterly basis for incorporation into MCC financial statements.

  • Directives relatives aux subventions dans le cadre du Programme

    This is the French translation of MCC Program Grant Guidelines that define policies and procedures that govern the award and administration of funding assistance (Grants) by Millennium Challenge Account Entities (MCAs) to implement the Projects funded by MCC.

  • Guidance on Common Indicators

    Within country-specific Monitoring and Evaluation plans, MCC uses common indicators to aggregate results across countries within certain sectors and to report those results externally to key stakeholders.

  • Millennium Challenge Corporation Climate Change Strategy

    This document sets forth MCC’s strategy for more fully integrating climate considerations into MCC’s core business. This strategy will guide MCC’s work across all programs, whether under development, in implementation, or post-implementation.

  • Procédures et Manuels des Ressources Humaines de MCA

    The following document is a French translation of the Guidance on MCA Human Resources Procedures and Manual--developed to support MCAs becoming operational in a short period of time by providing an effective framework for establishing and running an MCA.

  • Guidance on the Indicator Tracking Table

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