The authorizing legislation of MCC requires that MCC publish both in the Federal Register and on our website a number of reports.

  • MCC Guidance on MCA Human Resources Procedures and Manuals

    This MCC Guidance has been developed to support MCAs becoming operational in a short period of time by providing an effective framework for establishing and running an MCA.

  • MCC Procurement Guidance Note: Price-Reasonableness Analysis

    This paper provides guidance to the MCA Entity on conducting price-reasonableness analyses in accordance with the applicable provisions of the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines.

  • MCC Program Procurement Guidelines

    All procurements released on April 12, 2021 and later will be required to follow this new and updated MCC PPG.

  • Guidelines for Country Contributions

    These guidelines are intended to promote meaningful country contributions to programs funded under MCC Compacts; to ensure proper documentation, implementation, reporting, and monitoring of country contributions; and facilitate compliance with MCA Act of 2003.

  • Program Grant Guidelines

    The MCC Program Grant Guidelines define the policies and procedures that govern the award and administration of funding assistance (Grants) by Millennium Challenge Account Entities (MCAs) to implement the Projects funded by MCC.

  • Guidance on the Indicator Tracking Table

  • Grant Accrual Guidance

    This guidance outlines the requirements for Accountable Entities in providing an estimate of accrued expenses, or payments owed for goods, services, or work provided during the quarter, on a quarterly basis for incorporation into MCC financial statements.

  • Excluded Parties Verification Procedures in MCA Entity Program Procurements

    This paper provides guidance on performing eligibility verification procedures during the evaluation of bids and proposals for MCA Entity program procurements in compliance with the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines.

  • Evaluation Management Guidance

    Learn how MCC’s puts its independent evaluation policy into practice, including the principles underpinning evaluations, how they are managed, and how they are disseminated.

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