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Public Website Visual Style Guide

  1. MCC uses alerts and modals to notify readers of important and/or timely information. See MCC’s styles for modals and alerts.

  2. MCC uses a defined color palette to visually strengthen its association as a U.S. Government agency. See MCC’s primary and supporting color values for official use.

  3. MCC uses tables and containers to constrain content to a certain width. See MCC’s container classes to add consistently sized and proportioned content to the website.

  4. Buttons are used to give readers visual cues to take action. See examples of button styling and design patterns to differentiate the active, inactive and hover states of a button.

  5. MCC uses web forms to manage subscriptions, receive event RSVPs, and collect public comments and feedback. See MCC’s patterns for the most commonly used forms.

  6. MCC’s public website grid is a distinct set of alignment-based relationships that act as guides for distributing elements across a format providing structure and balance to material. See guidelines for customizing webpages and adhering to the defined grid.

  7. MCC uses icons to provide visual context that helps readers interpret and navigate webpages. See MCC’s categories, designs and styles for icons.

  8. Lists organize written information for readers. See MCC’s styles for unordered and ordered lists with various options for numbering patterns and nesting.

  9. MCC uses images, slideshows, videos, and podcasts to provide visual or audio context to the content of a page. See the approved image dimensions and file sizes below.

  10. MCC uses a horizontal and vertical website navigational menus to direct readers throughout the website in a logical manner. See the navigational patterns to use on MCC’s public website.

  11. MCC uses certain pre-designed page templates when creating new webpages on See MCC’s templates for page types and guidelines for page customization.

  12. MCC uses several type families as part of its brand strategy in defined sizes and weights to clearly and consistently establish visual hierarchy on the page. See MCC’s list of standard styles and appropriate type family usage.

  13. See what has changed and been added to the Visual Style Guide over time.