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  • Special Publication:  Public Website Visual Style Guide
  • August 2015


Like all imagery on the website, icons should provide useful, visually pleasing context to any related text.

Flag Buttons

A consistent element of its visual identity, MCC uses round icon-like "flag buttons" to represent a country’s flag.

Flag buttons of every country are available using the file name convention flag-[country-name].png.


  • flag of the United States of America
  • flag of the United Kingdom
  • flag of Canada

Sector Icons

MCC uses specific icons on the website to represent the sectors in which it works.

Sector Icons
Icon Sector Filename
Agriculture icon-sector-ag.png
Banking and Financial Services icon-sector-banking-and-financial-services.png
Community Service icon-sector-community-service.png
Education icon-sector-education.png
Energy icon-sector-energy.png
Governance icon-sector-governance.png
Health icon-sector-health.png
Land icon-sector-land.png
Program Administration icon-sector-program-admin.png
Transportation icon-sector-transportation.png
Water icon-sector-water.png

Social and Other Icons

MCC uses the icon font FontAwesome to reference its social media platforms and to provide addtional content to a variety of user interface elements.