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MCA Cooperation Agreement Opportunities

Partner countries, commonly referred to as Millennium Challenge Accounts (MCAs), periodically undertake a competitive Program Partnership Solicitation (PPS) to co-create and collaborate closely on development and/or implementation of a project or activity as part of a compact or threshold program. The MCA substantially funds the partnership activity with significant partner contributions and a collaborative governance approach, which is captured in a Cooperation Agreement.

How the PPS Works
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7
MCA issues a Program Partnership Solicitation Applicant submits concept note MCA reviews concept note Invited applicant engages in co-creation with MCA Invited applicant submits full application MCA reviews full application Selected applicant and MCA partner

PPS Opportunities

Opportunities are managed directly by MCAs and published on DG Market, MCA websites, and other locations. Read about more opportunities to do business with MCC partner countries.

Examples of Program Partnerships

The Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco is partnering with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, OCP Solutions and Atlas Cloud Services, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, to enable dynamic visibility into supply and demand for skills in Morocco’s labor market. Using big-data and artificial intelligence, the partners are creating a labor market platform covering a range of industries and geographies and drawing from diverse sources. As it matures, the platform is expected to integrate all information on the labor market at the national, regional and local levels. Insights derived from the platform can aid employers, job seekers, educators and government in identifying real-time trends, gaps and opportunities in the supply and demand for particular skills.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco is partnering with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Jameel Poverty Action Lab and Harvard Kennedy School’s Evidence for Policy Design, together with a constellation of national collaborators, to advance the use of evidence in policy making for employment in Morocco. As part of the Morocco Employability and Land Compact the partnership is expected to unlock insights to maximize the effectiveness of government policy to support the creation of jobs, including for youth, whose unemployment rate has been double that of the general population. The academic and government partners will collaborate to build expertise in the use of randomized evaluations and other evaluative methodologies to identify effective policies and jobs programs. The partners will also work to promote a culture of evidence-based decision-making in employment policy while sharing findings from active research with decision-makers.