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  • Special Publication:  NEXT
  • February 2016

Goal 4: Measurement


Lead on data and results measurement, learning, transparency, and development effectiveness

MCC should take its results and data leadership to the next level by helping others build data-driven decision-making systems; better measuring systemic impact; incorporating and improving gender data; investing more in knowledge feedback; and committing to scaling evidence-based development innovations.

Priority Actions

  • Explore new data sources for more accurately identifying countries with high poverty rates.
  • Build out the MCC results framework to better assess systemic impact, track gender and social inclusion goals, performance on institutional goals, and efficiency.
  • Invest more in knowledge management systems that systematically share and deploy learning internally and externally.
  • Share innovations in data-driven decision-making across the development community.
  • Target resources for promoting and scaling proven innovations where conventional development solutions are failing.

New Strategic Directions