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  • Special Publication:  NEXT
  • February 2016

Goal 2: Incentives


Strengthen reform incentives and accountability.

MCC’s selection criteria and ability to combine policy and project discussions have helped motivate countries to undertake difficult reforms. To make better use of this advantage, MCC should focus more on reforms with greater systemic impact.

Priority Actions

  • Calibrate MCC’s reform role to meet countries’ distinct needs and capacities, recognizing that MCC works in a wide variety of countries ranging from vulnerable, reforming states to emerging markets.
  • Work with countries and partners to prioritize reforms that sustain and expand benefits beyond compact projects.
  • Help governments imbed improvements in standards, practices, and service delivery in country systems to build accountable national and local institutions that strengthen the citizen-state social contract.
  • Ensure that reforms prioritize financial and institutional sustainability, with attention to gender and social equity.
  • Enhance programmatic focus on fighting corruption to address identified binding constraints to growth and root causes.
  • Strengthen the threshold program as a tool for promoting reform and accelerating the MCC Effect.
  • Deploy innovative tools for tightly linking funding to outcomes for both the public and private sector.
  • Use new systems and technologies that directly engage beneficiaries and other stakeholders for design and feedback on impact.

New Strategic Directions