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  • Special Publication:  NEXT
  • February 2016

Goal 1: Opportunities


Help countries choose evidence-based priorities in growth and poverty reduction strategies that reflect new learning and new opportunities.

Helping countries set and pursue practical and specific priorities for accelerating growth has proven one of the most valued MCC roles. Now countries seek better growth quality, which includes better poverty reduction returns, more inclusion, and more sustainable growth opportunities for the poor. MCC will deepen analytical support at the front end of compacts, including through tools for promoting inclusive growth; build partnerships around constraints to growth analysis results to engage others in advancing evidence-based priorities; and continue to emphasize strong governance and results.

Priority Actions

  • Reinforce focus in compacts on critical growth-promoting reforms and on governance systems that mobilize and allocate resources wisely and execute programs effectively.
  • Deepen constraints analysis to better assess how growth constraints impact women and marginalized groups.
  • Broaden economic analysis to incorporate regional integration opportunities for accelerating growth.
  • Build partnerships around constraints analysis results—attracting public and private donors to tackle the most binding constraints to growth and projects which exceed MCC funding capabilities and better leverage the effectiveness of the distinctive implementation model.
  • Integrate more beneficiary-specific data and analysis into estimates of economic rates of return and project selection and design to boost gains for the poor and women and to foster more inclusive growth.
  • Seek more feedback post-compact at the beneficiary level as part of results measurement and learning.
  • Strengthen integration of environmental and social considerations in selection of poverty reduction strategies to manage risks, enhance broader benefits and promote sustainability.
  • Systematically integrate assessments of climate change risks and opportunities into all projects and build sustainable growth opportunities for the poor into compacts.

New Strategic Directions