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  • Special Publication:  NEXT
  • February 2016

Goal 3: Leverage


Broaden and deepen public and private partnerships for more impact and leverage.

MCC can increase returns on its investments by deepening engagement with the right countries, taking the model to new high-poverty areas, and helping countries collaborate on building dynamic regional markets.

MCC should focus more systematically on using the full range of its robust toolkit to build new market opportunities in frontier economies and crowd in private investors.

Priority Actions—Public

  • Deepen partnerships with African governments and develop new partnerships in South Asia.
  • Develop regional, multi-country investment approaches that maximize economic impact.
  • Pursue high-impact investments that reach the poor and strengthen local governance, including through subnational partnerships.
  • Collaborate systematically with other USG agencies to create more synergies and boost collective returns.
  • Develop partnerships with other public donors to expand the scale and impact of MCC projects.

Priority Actions—Private

  • Target policy reforms and solutions to market failures that open up private sector market opportunities.
  • Build bankable project pipelines by investing in early project preparation.
  • Help countries design and implement public-private partnerships with the highest returns.
  • Fill financing gaps and deploy risk-mitigating tools to unlock private investment in frontier markets and achieve more leverage with grant funding.
  • Build strategic partnerships with foundations, corporations, and investors that share MCC goals and values.
  • Engage U.S. companies on business opportunities generated by compacts.

New Strategic Directions